The Mi-Ki (pronounced “me-key”) is a rare American dog breed that was created in the 1980’s to be a companion dog. The Mi-Ki has a temperament more like a cat than a dog. It’s a pocket pet that makes a great therapy dog, and they are known for anticipating the emotional needs of their owners.

Breed Information

As an adult, the Mi-Ki gets no bigger than 11 inches tall and weighs between 6 and 7lbs. The Mi-Ki charictaristically has large, round eyes, ears that can be either erect or hanging, noses that are black or self-colored, a tail that curves over the back, and either a long or smooth coat. Long coat Mi-Ki dogs have striaght and silky feathering on their ears, legs, and tails. Some may have a beard and mustache. Smooth coat Mi-Ki dogs have fringe on their ears, legs, and tails, and no beard or mustache. The smooth coat feels more like hair than fur. Mi-Ki dogs come in all fur colors. They do not shed and are great pets for people with allergies.

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