NEW Swarovski Crystal Dog Collars by B.B. Simon

Check out the latest arrivals in our luxury teacup puppy boutique!

B.B. Simon Luxury Crystal Dog Collars for Teacup Puppies

NEW Swarovski Crystal Dog Collars by B.B. Simon

These gorgeous luxury dog collars by B.B. Simon are now available at TeaCups Puppy Boutique! Your pampered pup will dazzle in one of these babies… Sparkling Swarovski crystals are mounted on designer Italian leather with high-quality steel rivets. Even the buckles are completely encrusted in crystals! Available in a variety of styles and vibrant colors, we have sizes to fit teacup puppies all the way up to medium breed dogs. Prices start at $48.99. Check them out in-store or visit our online luxury puppy boutique at!

B.B. Simon Luxury Crystal Dog Collars at TeaCup Puppy Boutique

Small Dog Collars

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Love this carrier?…..We have more!

We have carriers from only the best of Designers: From Hello Doggie to Susan Lancy to Vanderpump we have carriers that fit your luxurious fashionista style with extra comfort for your pup wherever you go. It’s not just a carrier, it’s a fashions statement, a way of life, a place for your pet to travel in luxury and comfort. The right designer carrier gives you the fashionista look you’re looking for while giving extra comfort for your best friend so they can always be right by your side and next to your heart at all times.

A Teepee for your best Friend…….

A Teepee is a must have for your prince or Princess giving them a luxurious bed to drift away into sweet dreams in is the icing on the cake they need. Plus they look great in your home and add a trendy style to any room. Your pet will love climbing into their Teepee bed for quiet time or to keep warm on a cold day. The Teepee has a cozy comfort feel no other bed can compare to. Handmade in the USA by Hello Doggie these Teepee beds are truly one of a kind! Available in multiple colors and all come with a comfy soft pillow bed perfect for any small breed. You can find these Teepees online or in store at Teacups, Puppies, & Boutique.

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For the love of a Yorkie: Everyone Loves a Yorkie…….

Everyone loves a Yorkie, they are cute, cuddly and the perfect best friend! Did you know that Yorkies only have one layer of hair just like we do? Yes it’s true that’s why they don’t shed! The Yorkie breed has been around since the 1800s, that’s 200 years! Here at Teacups, puppies, & Boutique we love Yorkies and take care of and nurture them daily with a full staff vet tech and Veterinarians that come in weekly. We make sure every puppy is healthy before they leave our hearts to enjoy their new home with their new families. We treat every puppy as if they were our very own and we do feel sad with happy tears when they find a forever home. We have worked with our breeders for over 15 years giving only the best nurturing care they can give to make sure each and every puppy matures to a healthy age before we welcome them into Teacups, Puppies, & Boutique to find their forever homes. We have Yorkies (and other breeds) available in 3 sizes: Teacup (Under 4lbs), Borderline Teacup (4-5lbs). and Toy (6-8lbs). We have a special order program where we find the puppy you are looking for size, breed, and color. Please visit us to see the puppies and fall in love with a yorkie and your new best friend. We look forward to meeting you and we hope to see you soon.

Teacups Puppies, & Boutique

5195 S. University Dr. Davie FL 33324

Hours of operation:

Monday-Saturday; 8:00AM-7:00PM

Sunday: 11:00AM-5:00PM


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