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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about salon services and grooming. For further information, please call us at 1-954-436-2110.

Pricing for grooming services can be found on our Spa Menu page.

Appointments are preferred, but not required. Walk-ins are acceptable. Early reservations are strongly advised during the Summer and Holiday periods.

Drop off:

Monday – Saturday 8AM – 10AM
Express Sessions 8AM – 9AM
Sunday* 11AM – 12PM*

*Grooming services are not offered on Sundays–bathing only.

Dogs are groomed on a first come first served basis, so the earlier you drop your dog off, the earlier you can pick them up. Your pick up time will be provided during scheduling or at the time of drop off.

We do offer an Express Service at an additional $10, which can be reserved on a first come first served basis. During an Express Service, your dog is groomed from start to finish with absolutely no cage time.

If it’s your first visit, proof of updated vaccines is the only requirement. If you wish for your dog to be fed during their visit, you must provide their food. Some of our clients prefer to bring their pet’s own toothbrush, medicated shampoos, or other items to be used in their sessions.

No. For the safety of your pets, they do not leave the store until you pick them up.

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