Teacup Dog Bows, Pet ID Tags, and Small Dog Accessories

Shop tiny teacup dog bows, pet ID tags, and small dog accessories at TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique ®!

Our luxury teacup puppy boutique features the latest in pet accessories for your fashion-forward pooch, including: tiny teacup dog bows, Swarovski crystal dog barrettes, sterling silver pet ID tags, dog collar bells, collar charms, pet jewelry, dog hats, glasses for dogs, and so much more!

Our online webstore offers only a fraction of the tiny teacup dog bows, pet ID tags, and small dog accessories that we carry in the boutique. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us at 954-985-8848.

Dog Hair Bows & Barrettes

Dog Collar Charms & Pet ID Tags

Glasses and Eyewear For Dogs

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Hats For Dogs

Dog Bows, Pet ID Tags, and Small Dog Accessories at TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique ®

TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique ® offers a large selection of small dog accessories to fit even the tiniest of teacup puppies. Our pet accessories selection includes some of the finest dog bows and pet ID tags that the pet industry has to offer. We carry handmade sterling silver pet ID tags, Swarovski crystal encrusted pet ID tags, dog show bows, Swarovski crystal dog hair barrettes, crystal collar bells, dog sunglasses, and even hats for dogs!

Pet ID Tags are a necessity.

A dog collar with proper ID tag should be worn at all times – even if your dog is microchipped. This will ensure that your dog is returned as quickly as possible if they should ever run away or become lost. Your pet’s ID tag should include their name and a current phone number where you can be reached. Here at TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique ®, we offer a variety of pet ID tags in all different shapes and sizes. We have pet ID tags to fit tiny teacup puppies, as well pet ID tags to fit larger breed dogs. Some of our pet ID tags are custom and handmade of sterling silver, while others are simply machine engraved. Some of our teacup dog ID tags feature feature sparkling Swarovski crystals, while others are plain.

Tiny Teacup Dog Collar Bells

Attaching a tiny collar bell to your teacup dog’s collar is always a good idea for safety reasons. Teacup puppies tend to chase your feet and could easily be stepped on if you don’t realize that they’re beneath you. With a collar bell attached to your teacup puppy’s collar, you will be alerted to your puppy’s whereabouts whenever they’re in motion, making it less likely to accidentally step on them. Here at TeaCups, Puppies and Boutique ®, we offer a large selection of tiny dog collar bells and pet ID tags, including crystal embellished pet ID tags, and custom sterling silver ID tags.

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