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TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, Pets Are People Too

Hello Donna,

Hi Donna and Eleonora: Happy New Year, All the best in 2013!! Background: We adopted Matilda aka Pinina in October 2011 from Glimmer and after calling Glimmer inquiring about other dogs, Donna called us back with Chihuahua #333 (TeaCups) aka Sir Tyson Hercules Rosenberg who had been at TeaCups longer than his other siblings. He came home with us on December 1, 2011. We just wanted to send you an updated picture with our Glimmer of Life and TeaCups Puppies and Boutique dogs. Kokonut (on the left, non Glimmer / TeaCups), is the pack leader and older than the two you might remember from 2011. We are so happy with both of them and Kokonut loves playing with them both (when she feels like playing).

Thanks again for everything and all the best to you both.

TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, Pets Are People Too

Dog Toys at TeaCups Luxury Dog Boutique
Hello Donna,

Sending you pictures of our precious Loki. He adjusted to us as soon as we got home. He gives us a lot of kisses and is very playful when we let him out of his playpen 3 times a day for 45 minutes. When he gets a little tired I lay him on my chest and he loves it. He's eating and also using the wee wee pads nicely without any treats (he doesn't pay attention to treats yet). He is extremely well behaved and very lovable we feel so lucky to have him. We plan to give him his first bath today. At times he gets this energy and he runs back and forth in our living room. He's already humping the bed and a toy lol!

:) We love him so much! Nilsa

TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, Pets Are People Too

Dog Toys at TeaCups Luxury Dog Boutique
Left: Our new 6,000 square foot pet boutique in Davie, FL! You'll find all kinds of treasures here to spoil your fur-baby!
Tiny toys galore!! We specialize in tiny dog toys for the smallest dogs!

Luxury Pet Boutique

Teacup Puppies and Designer Dog Clothes
Left: Luxury dog beds, cuddly blankets, designer pet carriers, and fancy bowls - we have it all!
Shop the largest selection of designer dog clothes right here at TeaCups & Pets Are People Too!!

Mandy Moore at TeaCups Puppies

It was love at first sight for Mandy Moore when she visited our boutique back in 2002! She couldn't resist going home without a little furbaby from TeaCups! In fact, Mandy has several dogs, pre-spoiled from TeaCups!

ABC's Life of Luxury, featuring TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, aired nationally November 8, 2004. George Hamilton takes viewers behind some of the most expensive closed doors in the world! This episode features "Sweet Pea", a one year old dog from TeaCups, who celebrates her first birthday with diamonds, private jets, a customized cake and a lavish Arabian Nights style party thrown by her over-the-top affluent owners!
The price tag of this one day dog affair? Only $30,000!

Teacup Yorkie from TeaCups Puppies and Boutique

Teacup Yorkie from Teacups
"Donna, I LOVE her! Oh, she loves her bed! She was wanting to jump in it when I was taking the picture, I told her NO NO NO like Amy Winehouse, the singer. LOL. I will be taking more pictures with her all done up, today was just a bathe, blow, and brush day. Thank you so much! Love you!" -Joanie, New York

Newborn Teacup Chihuahua
Left: "These are the Rubin puppies. From left: Gigi, Timmy, Charlie, Sammy, and Max. We are so proud of them. They fill our lives with joy, love, adventure, and lots of funny moments. To Eleonora and Donna, thank you for delivering all our kids. Mostly, thank you for the support during the years and the love you still give our pups. We owe you a big chunk of our happiness! Love, Lys, Bill and Michelle Rubin."
Ms. Eleonora Bonfini, founder of TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, doing what she does best...caring for a new born puppy in distress.

Susan Lanci's Yorkie Puppy from TeaCups

Left: Madison, the gorgeous little Yorkie from TeaCups & Pets Are People Too. Madison lives in California with her mom Susan, founder of Susan Lanci Designs' luxury dog products, and is now modeling for her mom's line!"Thought you might like to see Madison at the trade show.  Doesn’t she look stressed out about sales!!!!" -Susan Lanci
"Hi Donna and Eleonora. Hope you remember Elayne and Cash Brown. We adopted a puppy that we named Molly Brown. Attached is a recent picture of her. She is now 9 months old and weighs 3lbs. 3oz's. She taken over our hearts. Thank you for bringing her into our lives." -Elayne & Cash Brown

Left: "Hi! Here is a photo of Charla today. She is almost 2 years old!" -Sandy Tepper
"Hi everyone!!! Just wanted to let you know our baby is beautiful, healthy, and strong!!! Kisses." -Maeno

"Hi Donna, Eleonora, and eveyone at TeaCups & Pets Are People Too! How are you all doing? Here are some pictures of our precious babies we got from you guys!!! We LOVE them and can't thank you enough! Lots of love..." -Valentin, Tammy, Zula, and of course...little Zena!!!

Halloween Costume Party at TeaCups Puppies

Dog Costumes
Left: Grand Prize Winner of our First Annual Pet Costume Contest: Sherry Davis Lola and Louie as Cinderella and Prince Charming.
Second Place Winner of our First Annual Pet Costume Contest: Alex's Mushu as The Little Mermaid

Dog Costumes

Small Dog Costumes
Left: Third Place Winner of our First Annual Pet Costume Contest: Alex & Tina's Espanola as The Spanish Dancer
Winner of the Halloween Charity Raffle Benefitting Glimmer of Life: Elizabeth Ayler and Juliet as Little Red Riding Hood.

Halloween Dog Costumes

Halloween Pet Costumes Small Dog in Costume
TeaCups & Pets Are People Too's 1st Annual Halloween Costume Party was able to raise over $1250 for our 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Glimmer of Life! From Left: Thing 1 & Thing 2, Hula Girl, The Sultan.

Who would've thought a Chihuahua would love snow so much?? This is Kobe the Chihuahua, one of TeaCups' babies, snowmobiling with his dad, Marco.

Left: "Donna, here is a picture of the puppy I purchased from you, Harley. He is the one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned (I cant forget my Maltese, she was here first). I have to tell you how smart this dog is. The second day I had him he learned how to walk on a leash, fetch and bring back, and he ALWAYS went on the wee wee pad. I got him towards the end of March and I can say that he (hopefully) is housebroken already.  When he has to go, he either holds it till we go out or he goes on the wee wee pad.  I’ve always had a hard time housebreaking any of the dogs I’ve had, but he makes me feel like I can housebreak a dog because he was so easy!  He's such a happy dog that you just have to smile when you see him. He gets along with everyone, dogs included.  He’s never done anything wrong, and he loves toys! He doesn’t chew on anything in the house except his toys. I know I came in looking for a female Maltese and left with a male Havanese. I was skeptical about getting a male, but now I would get another one without hesitation. I want to thank you for all your help when I was deciding which one I should get, a Maltese or Havanese. When I am in the market for another Havanese I will definitely call you so you can find one for me. Thanks again!" -Lynn & Harley
Right: "Hi Eleonora. I just wanted to send you an updated pic of my little Binky! He will be three in November, and he has brought so much joy to my life since the day I brought him home from your boutique! Good luck to you and your business, and may God bless!" -Amy Sandidge

Left: "Eleonora, here is a recent picture of my sweetie, Samson. He turned 5 in January and weighs about 3 1/2 lbs. It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since we went to Teacups Puppies & fell in love with him! He is so sweet and funny..... he still has all of that precious puppy energy!" -Linda Hannan
Right: "Hi Eleonora. Here is a picture of Bubbles. We took her home a few weeks ago, and she is doing awesome! She is such a doll. She visited my sister's Chihuahua the other day. She hasn't gained any weight (still 1.5 lbs.) but she is very happy and super duper spoiled! THANK YOU!!" -Jake Dynnis of JackRocketWear