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Biewer "Yorkie" Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale

Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Puppies For Sale in South Florida! TeaCups Puppies, specializing in teacup & toy breeds since 1999!

Looking for a Biewer Yorkshire Terrier "Biewer Yorkie" puppy? You've come to the right place! Here at TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, we've been specializing in teacup and toy breed puppies for sale in South Florida since 1999!
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We Provide Hand Delivery Service of Our Biewer Yorkie Puppies. For More Info, Call Donna at 954-985-8848.

Due to the delicate nature of our teacup puppies, we offer a safe hand delivery service, but do not ship them alone them under any cicumstances. Shipping puppies is an extremely dangerous practice, and we highly advise against it. For more information on the dangers of shipping puppies, please click HERE.
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Biewer Yorkie Terrier Puppies South Florida
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Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Yorkie Puppy For Sale by TeaCups Puppies Biewer Yorkie Puppy For Sale
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Biewer Yorkshire Terrier Breed Information:

The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier was originally a piebald genetic recessive gene occurrence that resulted from breeding two Yorkshire Terriers. The breed originated in Germany on January 20, 1984 when the first was born in a litter bred by Gertud & Warner Biewer. Essentially, the piebald color is the result of a recessive gene that causes leucism, or a reduction in skin pigmentation similar to an albino. Areas in which the skin lacks pigmentation grow white hair instead of the typical black hair of a Yorkshire Terrier. Gertrud and Werner Biewer found this unique puppy to be quite beautiful, and so they began a selective breeding process to produce more of the beautiful piebald colored Yorkshire Terrier puppies. The Yorkies born with white were called "Biewer Yorkshire Terrier à la Pom Pon," and in 1989, the breed was officially recognized by the ACH. Today, Biewers and Yorkies are considered two different breeds, and the crossing of the two is frowned upon by the Biewer clubs. The Biewer Yorkshire Terrier has a long and flowing coat that requires regular grooming but does not shed. They are active little dogs, generally oblivious of their small size and are eager for adventure! The Biewer Yorkie is energetic, brave, and a loyal companion!

Biewer Yorkie Puppies, Biewer Yorkshire Terriers For Sale! Beautiful Biewer Yorkie Terrier Puppies For Sale at TeaCups Puppies & Boutique in South Florida!
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