Teacup Poodle Puppy #107 For Sale Florida

Special Order: Extraordinarily Rare Micro Teacup Chocolate poodle made it to Teacups Puppies, and Boutique stealing the hearts of everyone! 

Adorable cuteness that fits in the palm of your hand, covered in curls and joy with those big innocent eyes, this rare micro teacup Chocolate poodle is a prize.

She is rare to find with a delight in her eyes, she will steal your heart away with just one look. This rare micro-Teacup chocolate poodle is currently here in store and what a sight to see! If she steals your heart too we can make your dreams come true! here at Teacups puppies, and Boutique, we work with you to find your perfect puppy so you can take home the one you were always looking for to fill that empty spot in your heart with your new best friend! Call us during business hours to find out how we can find your perfect puppy that you’ve always wanted. Animal lovers with genuine hearts are here to answer any questions you may have. We treat every puppy here as if they were our own here at Teacups Puppies, and Boutique. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

For pricing/info, visit the boutique or call 954-985-8848!

Female Chocolate Poodle Puppy For Sale
Adorable Micro Teacup Chocolate Poodle Puppy

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