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Teacup Maltese & Maltese Puppies South Florida

Teacup Maltese & Maltese Puppies For Sale in South Florida! TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, specializing in Teacup & Toy Maltese puppies for sale since 1999!

Looking for a teacup or toy Maltese? You've come to the right place! Here at TeaCups Puppies & Boutique, we've been specializing in Teacup Maltese and Maltese puppies for sale in South Florida since 1999!   Click Here For Maltese Breed Information.

We Provide Hand Delivery Service of Our Maltese Puppies. For More Info, Call Donna at 954-985-8848.

Due to the delicate nature of our teacup puppies, we offer a safe hand delivery service, but do not ship them alone them under any cicumstances. Shipping puppies is an extremely dangerous practice, and we highly advise against it. For more information on the dangers of shipping puppies, please click HERE.
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Maltese Breed Information:

The Maltese is among the gentlest mannered of the Toy breed dogs. Bred for companionship, Maltese thrive on love and attention. Maltese are gentle, trusting and devoted to their masters. They're lively, happy, and energetic. Due to their high level of intelligence, the Maltese is a quick learner. They are also courageous and will bark if they hear a suspicious noise. The breed sheds little to no hair, and is highly recommended for those who suffer from allergies. The Maltese requires regular grooming and bathing to prevent their beautiful white coats from staining. The Maltese is an ancient breed with a history that can be traced back many centuries. Darwin, the father of the Theory of Evolution himself, believed the breed to have originated in 6000 BC. The Maltese is believed to be a descendant of a Spitz type dog found among the Swiss Lake dwellers, and bred down to its small size. Although there is some evidence that the breed may have originated in Asia, the Maltese is usually associated with the Isle of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. The little dogs were favored by the wealthy and royalty alike. Some royals that purportedly owned Maltese were Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Josephine Bonaparte and Marie Antoinette. The Maltese has been known by a variety of names throughout the centuries, including "Majestic Creature", "The Comforter Dog," "Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta", and "The Roman Ladies' Dog". However, women weren't their only admirers! Publius, the Roman governor of Malta, prized his Maltese "Issa" so much that he commissioned a portrait of the famous little dog and even had poetry written about her. Today, the graceful breed is an adored pet and sought after show dog!

Teacup Maltese Puppies
For Sale! Teacup & Toy Maltese For Sale at TeaCups Puppies & Boutique in South Florida!

For more information about our Teacup Maltese for sale, please contact us at (954) 985-8848!